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The Impacts of Poverty on Children in Richmond

Posted on June 21, 2013

This past winter (2013), Richmond Children First hosted conversations with parents,staff and children. What have we heard? Incredible stories of resilience and resourcefulness! Richmond parents are working hard to create a better future for their children.


It's Not Fair! The Face of Child Poverty in Richmond

Posted on May 27, 2013

Please join us at the Face of Child Poverty in Richmond!
Thursday, June 20, 2013
East Richmond Hall
6:00 - 9:00 pm.

Over the last few months, Richmond Children First has been working with partner organizations to explore the impacts of poverty on children in Richmond. We have had conversation with parents, we have heard from staff who work with children and families, and we have asked children about inequality and fairness. We have also begun to create an inventory of the many ways - both formal and informal - faith communities, businesses, service clubs and organizations support Richmond children and families. What have we heard? Incredible stories of resilience and resourcefulness! Richmond parents are working hard to create a better future for their children. But sadly, poverty can impact children's health, behaviour and self-esteem. What we heard from children is that IT'S NOT FAIR! Over 3,000 children have helped create the Richmond Children's Charter, which lists the rights they believe all Richmond children are entitled to - including the right to nutritious food, the right to a healthy life, the right to a home, the right to dream and the right to belong. For children living in poverty, some of these rights may never be realized during their childhood.

Many of the solutions to child poverty can only be resolved at a provincial and federal level. However, as we have seen by the extraordinary work already happening in Richmond, there are many ways that we can help make a difference at a local level. We invite you and representatives from your boards of directors join us to listen to some of the stories we have heard and to begin to strategize community solutions.

 More information and registration available in the invitation to the right.

2012-2013 Richmond MDI Results

Posted on May 10, 2013

The 2012-2013 Richmond Middle Development Instrument (MDI) results have just been released! The MDI is a self-report questionnaire completed by children in Grade 4. The questionnaire includes 71 questions related to the five areas of development that are strongly linked to well-being, health and academic achievement. The MDI is unique because it gathers information about the whole child rather than simply focusing on academic progress. As well, it allows us to hear children's voices and so taps into areas that have great significance in children's lives that are not typically evaluated in other assessments.

Rather than evaluating how children perform, the MDI gives children a voice, an opportunity to communicate to adults in schools and communities about what their experiences are inside and outside of school. The information can help schools, program planners, and community members find ways to create environments that help children in their community thrive.

A decade on, the well-being of Canada’s children still lags behind

Posted on April 13, 2013

UNICEF - A new report released by UNICEF today reveals the well-being ranking of Canadian children compared to other industrialized countries has not improved over the last decade. Report Card 11 from UNICEF’s Research Office reveals the overall ranking of Canadian children is 17th of 29 countries measured. “This report provides one of the most comprehensive pictures of the lives of Canadian children available,” says UNICEF Canada’s President and CEO David Morley. “The fact that our children rank in the bottom half when compared to other industrialized nations simply isn’t good enough. It is clear Canada can do better. Protecting and promoting the well-being of our children must become a national priority.”

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Let’s get BC’s Children and Youth on the Political Agenda

Posted on April 12, 2013

First Call Election Toolkit and Questions for Parties - May 14, 2013 is Election Day in the province of British Columbia. On that day, eligible voters exercise their right to vote for one of the candidates in their riding to represent them in the provincial legislature. First Call has developed an election toolkit to support individuals and community groups in their advocacy for legislation, policy and practice that benefit children and youth and their families in the lead up to the May 2013 provincial election. First Call partner organizations with expertise in different areas contributed many of the facts, ideas and recommendations in the kit.