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Richmond, a child friendly community where all children thrive.

Richmond Children's Charter From Student's Art

Across Richmond, over 3,000 children shared, through words and drawings, their opinions on children's rights in Richmond. This is a sampling of their art work.

1 - The Right To Play

“I have the right to have fun” (David, age 9)
“Playgrounds should have swings, we can be responsible” (Alyssa, age 10)

2 - The Right To Learn

“I have the right to learn by making mistakes” (Jessica, age 11)
“We have the right to learn everywhere — in kindergarten, at home, with adults” (Evelyn and Austin, age 4)

3 - The Right To Belong and Be Ourselves

“You have the right to special help if you need it – if your eyes don’t work you need a looking dog. That is special help.” (Fraser, age 5)
“I have the right to look weird.” (Jason, age 10)
“Every child has the right to be forgiven.” (Angela, age 10)

4 - The Right To Be Loved and Have A Family

“I have the right to live in a caring family for a bright future” (Christopher, age 9)
“You have the right to be a kid with your family” (Aidan, age 5)

5 - The Right To Nutritious Food and A Healthy Life

“I have the right to eat healthy food so I don’t get sick” (Ethan, age 5)
“We have the right to have a family doctor” (Colin, age 10)

6 - The Right to a Home

“Every child needs a home.” (Hasaan, age 10)
“I speak English and Chinese but I only belong to Canada” (Fraser, age 5)

7 - The Right to Choose Friends

“I have the rights to have friends from other cultures” (Aneil, age 8)
“I love meeting new friends at school. Bonjour!” (Ashley, age 9)

8 - The Right to Explore, Dream, Imagine, and Create

“We have the right to dream, achieve, and be free” (Alison, age 9)
“I have the right to read to have a big mind! Reading is awesome.” (Amanjit, age 8)

9 - The Right to Peace and Safety

“I have the right not to be afraid.” (Jimmy, age 8)
“The police protect you - and so do your mommy and daddy — and your teachers” (Fraser & Ilias, age 5)

10 - The Right to Be Heard

“I have the right to ask questions and express myself.” (Alice, age 11)
“We have the right to share our ideas and be listened to. Ideas are when you think of stuff hard.” (Griffi n, age 5)

11-The Right to Our Own Religion

“I have the right to pray” (Ali, age 7)
“We have the right to believe in what we need to believe in.” (Jake, age 10)

12-The Right to a Clean Environment

“Every child needs clean water, not dirty water” (Cindy, age 9)
“I have the right to help protect the environment.” (Keon, age 8)